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iDigiFrame Use your iDevice as a picture frame.

The Photos app is your tool for managing your pictures. The slideshow function rotates pictures at a maximum of 20 seconds, though, so it doesn't really work as a picture frame. That's where iDigiFrame comes in as a compliment to the Photos app.

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iDigiFrame Works with the Photos app.

You take lots of pictures. You may even put some of them into albums, shared albums, or smart albums. You can use any of these (or any moments, for that matter) as your picture frame collection.

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iDigiFrame Controls appropriate for a picture frame.

You control how often pictures rotate. You control whether or not pictures rotate randomly. You can scale the pictures, fill the screen, or stretch them. You can even choose from a few transitions. And best yet, a subscription will allow you to view Live Photos in motion and plays videos as well, all within your picture frame rotation timting. This subscription costs you all of 99c for the first year! I can't even begin to describe how cool moving pictures are in a picture frame.

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iDigiFrame Even works with Photos in the cloud.

If you've got iCloud Photo Library enabled, iDigiFrame will download your display photo from the cloud on demand.

Support I'd love to hear from you.

I built this app because it was something I found useful, especially with an old iPad hanging around. If you have any bugs, feature requests, or suggestions to feed back to me, please get in touch.

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