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AgendaTimer A configurable multi-line timer.

Have you ever needed to have a number of events happen sequentially, but they were all different legnths? You can't use a repeating timer. You can't rely on a calendar if you don't have start time set in stone. Here's what you need.

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AgendaTimer Configure your Agenda.

Each Line Item in an agenda can be configured with its own duration, its own alert sound, and its own freehand notes.

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AgendaTimer Adjust your timer.

When your Agenda is in progress, you can pause, skip, or reset a Line Item. You can also temporarily adjust it by one or five minutes..

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AgendaTimer Use the iOS document browser.

Your Agenda file works seamlessly with the iOS file system. You can save it in your iCloud, Dropbox, etc. You can long press on the icon to share, rename, tag, etc.

Support I'd love to hear from you.

I built this app because it was something I found useful, especially with an old iPad hanging around. If you have any bugs, feature requests, or suggestions to feed back to me, please get in touch.

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